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Hello everyone first time poster and hoping to be able to pluck some brains or get an idea on how to properly install the rope or if I am using the correct rope... I have a bathroom window that won't stay open, I did a google search but none seem to be exactly the kind of design the way the window is held up or down. I guess I don't know what or how to call it... The tracks looks something like this: Prime-Line 28 in. Sash Window Channel Balance-FA 2740 at The Home Depot The spring isn't as long but the problem is trying to figure out how to properly wrap and install the rope and if I am using the correct rope.. I went to the nearby Lowe's and the guy said it was an old window and didn't have that particular kind of rope but found some medium duty twisted nylon rope about the same size and said it should work as it was rated for 30 lbs and was waterproof. The old rope looked like a standard brown rope. I try following the picture but.. The first time I tried to wrap it it was to loose. The window would stay open however every time you touch it or sneezed it would slowly drop down until it was closed. The second time I tighten everything it was too tight and had to fight the window to completely close. The rope snapped in one week and as I was trying to untie everything apparently the ropes around the pulley was under quite bit of tension and when I try to unwrap the rope it snapped shooting the spring backwards.. My questions are... 1. Am I even using the correct rope in the first place? It says good for 30 lbs.. 2. How do you determine how tight the rope should be when putting everything back together. Should stuff be tight already? or should stuff be a little loose? What is the proper way to put everything back together? Do you have to allow some slack before tying both ends? When I was putting the window back in, the first time I allowed the base where the window would clip on in the center of the frame and then tighten and put the window back in... which allowed to much slack. The second time I moved the track where the windows clip on much higher up and shorten the rope.. However when it came down to push the window back down... it was very hard.. You can feel the spring being pulled and wanting to retract back.. I believe I might be just installing the rope incorrectly.. I was wondering if someone had a diagram of how the rope is suppose to go and how tight or lose the ropes are suppose to be for installation.. The pulleys are the same as the link above.. It looks like it is a simple project but I just can't figure it out... Appreciate any tips or idea's At this rate even if the window stays only half way would be a victory.. it is a bathroom window that we open for fresh air to get in and close during use and winter time.. It doesn't help that the toilet is right next to the window... The house was built in the Mid 30's Gambrel style house.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MYRTLE ROBBINS (Eau Claire, WI), 01/05/2019

Yes, but they usually come in fairly standard heights/widths so using them is a bit dependent on the size of your existing window. A lumberyard or box store would be able to help you out. A vinyl replacement window is always an option. There are wood replacements as well.

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Waco, TX), 02/23/2019

Sorry, I forgot to finish my post. Those are called block and tackle or channel balances and are available many places. They are sold by length. It should be easy to make some measurements to get the right type. There are also videos available online on how to replace them.

- THEODORE SIMS (Coon Rapids, MN), 02/01/2019

Thanks! If I can replace them then it would save me a ton of headache! Unfortunately both sides are broken, so I can't rely on one to put back together. I did the measurements and they are 22 with a number 2130 in the back. I don't know what the limit of each of them are but would there be a con in getting one that is bigger? 23-24 it does fit. The 20 at homedepot is worrying because I am afraid that it won't last being small. I did a quick search on local megastores in my area homedepot and lowes and only homedepot has them but they only come in 28 inch which is too tall and 20 which is small. I am going to find some local hardware stores to see if they have any other sizes if I can get a 22 then I would go buy one. Is there some kind of specific store I can search for them?

- DOROTHY B (Atlanta, GA), 02/03/2019

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