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Hi all - first time poster here. I've learned so much on this website and thank you all. Here's my specific question: I'm in the process of removing all of my old wooden double-hung windows (and rotting sills/brick-molding) and replacing with vinyl windows. I've seen countless videos and posts where the inside stop is a small decorative piece that is nailed to in interior trim piece; remove the inside stops and the bottom sash comes out. My window appears to be a little different - it was clear that my inside stops were not nailed on top of the trim piece. I pulled apart my garage window to see what was going on, and the stops are stapled onto the window frame behind it. They are also much beefier, measuring about 1/2 x 1. Does this look right to you all? Can I remove these stops safely (without further damaging the window frame behind it) in order to install the new vinyl's? I imagine I would then have to re-trim the window and add new inside stops. See attached pictures for more info. Thanks for your help!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: GARY M (Fresno, CA), 01/02/2019

Are you sure that it's the size of the holes that is causing the problem? Where does the water go after it passes through the track?

- TRACEY QUINN (Pinellas Park, FL), 02/17/2019

Thanks XSleeper for the quick response! So just to confirm, this is what I'll plan to do: 1. Carefully remove the stops and leave the rest of the casing (that the stops are currently stapled to, which are hidden in the picture) in place. 2. Remove the existing sashes, sash guides, parting beads, etc. and dispose of them. 3. Pop in the new vinyl window unit and screw it in. 4. Re-staple/nail the stops back into the casing, and put the trim back on. Does this all sound correct? Also, I'm considering putting in an interior stool and apron, since I already have to rip out all of the trim. If so I think I would discard the existing inside stop pieces, and the new stool and trim pieces would extend an extra ~1/2 to butt up against the existing wooden window casing. Then I'd add new inside stops - a smaller type like a quarter round - and re-trim with an apron etc. Does this plan make sense? Thanks again for your help!

- LUCILLE HANSON (West Palm Beach, FL), 02/13/2019

Sounds okay except I'm unsure of how in #1 you can leave any casing on.... seems like you have to remove ALL the casing then the jamb extension... just to get to the stapled stop. but maybe I'm missing something i can't see.

- EDITH WHEELER (Pasadena, CA), 02/22/2019

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