Forum Title: Weep holes in sliding glass door tracks
Can I enlarge the weep holes in my sliding glass door tracks so water no longer pours into my home? I have cleaned them out repeatedly and that does nothing to resolve the issue of more rain being inside of my home, than outside.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LEON BOWMAN (Bolingbrook, IL), 01/01/2019

Yes, I just make new ones of whatever is available and screw or rivet them in place if I'm not replacing the screen. If I'm replacing the screen I install new pull tabs via the spline.

- ANNETTE PEARSON (Tuscaloosa, AL), 02/09/2019

Hello Pulpo, The water fills up in the track faster than it can go out the weep holes. When it reaches the top of the track it spills out onto the floor. I thought if I could drill the weep holes out larger, the water would go through the weep holes faster and not into the house on the wood floor. During an average rainfall the water goes into the track and leaves the weep holes with no problems. During a heavy rain storm the weep holes cannot keep up with the water entering the track.

- VANESSA CALDWELL (El Monte, CA), 02/05/2019

Let me ask my question, in another way. I'm trying to picture the exit, of the weep holes. Can they be seen, on the outside of the track. Does the water have to turn to exit? Could they just be clogged?

- ELEANOR SIMS (Gaithersburg, MD), 02/19/2019

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