Forum Title: Vinyl sliding patio ?
We have a 70s vintage sliding patio door that is worn out & has got to be replaced. My wife & I are retired, so cost & security is a big concern. My wife says a child could break into a plastic (vinyl) patio door & that she would not feel safe. Is that a realistic concern with vinyl ? Can it be easily bent so that the door can be removed from the track ? Your comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Roger
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: NATALIE PARKS (New Britain, CT), 01/18/2019

That reminds me of the mortise in a steel KD door frame. Can't find anything on that... You can always get a custom strike made. Probably won't be cheap. Page 8 of this .pdf. You could also submit a query to the allaboutdoors service department. They seem to be very helpful.

- LARRY T (Fresno, CA), 03/07/2019

Long, long ago I was dating a woman who lived in a condo complex. The unit next door to hers was vacant. One day she came home from work to find here home cleaned out and a large hole chain sawed in the wall. The thieves backed a moving van up to the empty unit next door. Broke in the front door and took a chain saw to the wall between the units. Security is all shades of gray. Glass sliding doors & windows can be opened with any rock or brick. Most doors can be opened with a few good kicks or battering ram. Most walls are easily cut through and most bunkers can be defeated by the proper bomb so nothing in this world is guaranteed. Like XSleeper mentioned, the vinyl frame is the least of your worries and if security is a concern you should take a look at your entire home. Locking a window or sliding door is not much help if breaking the glass is a real concern. The real question is how much money & effort you want to spend fortifying your home versus enjoying life and paying your insurance premium.

- WALLACE BOWEN (Omaha, NE), 02/19/2019

Sliding glass doors are probably the easiest doors to 'jimmy' open You might want to check and see how much it would cost to replace the unit with a set of patio doors. They would be more secure and I think maybe more energy efficient.

- KAREN TAYLOR (Toledo, OH), 03/07/2019

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