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Recently a mower kicked up a rock and shattered my sunroom window. The window consists of two panes. The rock penetrated my very strong screen and broke the outside pane, coming to rest in the void between the two panes. My window only opens from the bottom. Is there any way to replace an entire window pane without replacing the whole window unit? If so what do I have to do besides get rid of the broken glass to start. Thanks in advance for the help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: O. Kheir (Phoenix, AZ), 01/28/2019

In the western US and SW, Texas, etc. they use what's called a flush fin vinyl window that works well in that situation. I've never done it but maybe if you Google it you will learn more.

- JEFF HARPER (Kettering, OH), 03/07/2019

The window is from one of the typical newly built homes. I don't know the name, as I'm pretty sure you purchase them from lowes right off the rack. And I am assuming it's the mower who accidentally shot out a rock as the rock is the same rock from under the neighbors deck. However, I didn't notice the damage until a day later, so I have to eat the costs.

- MAUREEN BENSON (Concord, CA), 02/06/2019

You may not need to eat the cost. At least give the company/person a call and say the day after they mowed the window was broken. If they want to do business in that neighborhood they should be quick to take care of the problem. They should have insurance specifically for occasions like this although they might be quick to pay up so it doesn't go as a claim against them. Assuming they have insurance it is the ins co you are making the claim against. Often, in one of the corners of the glass in almost impossible to read print, you can find the mfgs name. Bud

- STEPHEN WRIGHT (Chandler, AZ), 02/26/2019

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