Forum Title: How to remove stationary portion of the big double pane window
I have a problem with windows getting old and need to replace the window panes that are exposed to sun the most. I also want to resurface/restain the frames before the new panes are put in. But before all that I need to be able to remove the middle piece of the window that looks like wedged in the frame. When I tried gently pulling on that I ended up dislodging the gasket and now the glass does not go back into the frame. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BOB CUMMINGS (Fort Lauderdale, FL), 01/02/2019

Can't tell with pictures but some screens have a spring on top and you have to lift them up to get back i n track. Others may have different ideas on how yours work.

- DORA DAWSON (Reading, PA), 02/04/2019

Argh, So you can't see anything? When I pull up the post the images are there. But I sure can resize them and repost later. Maybe this will show up?

- NINA HARDY (San Diego, CA), 02/26/2019

I can see 1 picture in the link you just provided. Nothing in your first post. Do you have more photos? Be sure you make them public, not private/password protected. Edit: I just opened up your 3 original photos by following the link. It looks to me like your windows are vinyl, so I don't know exactly what you are trying to accomplish by taking them out. The center sash usually comes out by lifting the entire thing straight up as high as it will go, then tip the bottom in toward the inside. Once it clears the bottom of the frame, let it drop down out of the top part of the frame. Installation is the reverse. If you can't lift it up, it's likely that there is a security block above the sash that you would have to remove first.

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (Brentwood, CA), 03/05/2019

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