Forum Title: Door Strike Plate - Weird Size
I bought a place that didn't have a strike plate in the door and am having some trouble finding one. From top to bottom, it appears to be 9.25 inches. The images attached might help too. Any idea how to find something like this? I've spent some time searching Amazon and my local Home Depot with no luck. Am I incorrect in understanding the size that I need?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: AGNES MCDANIEL (Frederick, MD), 01/04/2019

If the parts you dropped inside are steel you could try dropping a magnet on a string down the latch mortise or maybe try to use one of those telescoping magnets to try and retrieve what you dropped. Tie the string around a nut, then put the magnet on the nut and lower it down. It won't stick to the door since the door is aluminum.

- PERRY ROJAS (Merced, CA), 02/03/2019

Welcome to the forums. That door could stand some glue as the split isn't helping the strength of the locks much. I did a google search for double strike plate. Found a lot but not what you need. Since that's a metal jamb it looks like it was the location of an electric strike. That would explain the large opening size. The following link is probably what was originally in that location. When a second lock was added to the door the electric strike was removed to accomadate the two locks.Trine Axion EN-960 Electric Strike I would try a locksmith for a plate and see what he can offer. It may have to be custom made.

- MELANIE ALVARADO (Hillsboro, OR), 03/04/2019

Ok thanks guys. I will check with allaboutdoors and a local lock smith. I did find this, but it's 11, which is too tall: Prime-Line Brass Maximum Security Combination Strike-U 9480 at The Home Depot Would you guys also know if there is a name for the plate/cover that can go on the exterior facing side of the door that goes around the deadbolt and door knob? All of the units in my area have them, but I can't seem to locate those at hardware stores either. (I will check with the locksmith soon)

- KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 02/08/2019

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